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Dennis Brunschier, Project and Process Manager at Bundesanzeiger Verlag.

Why DuMont? Innovation is a high priority at DuMont: you can clearly see this in the many new divisions. Technical progress and a paradigm shift constantly provide us with new opportunities. This is what attracts me to my work.

What are the characteristics of DuMont? The friendly and relaxed interactions between colleagues contribute to a fantastic working environment. The team makes working a lot easier.

What is your job? I work on realisation of various online portals in the Business Information division. My area of responsibility includes the conception of web projects, the provision of technical advice to my colleagues and the optimisation of the associated processes.

And the highlights? The highlight for me is designing products that win me over as a customer and that I like using myself. My work is particularly fun when I can say that I have contributed to projects that have a great external impact!

What challenges can you see for the future? The digital transformation and technical change will advance more and more rapidly. In order to continue to exist in the market, it is important for the team to respond to new trends in the most agile manner possible or to predict these trends. I consider DuMont to be perfectly equipped for the future.

Define digital literacy! With regard to my field of activity: personal handling of technical change. Constantly scrutinising innovations, occasionally inventing new ones, pursuing new paths and keeping an eye on the sense of purpose in the process: this is a fairly good description of digital literacy for my work.

What is new in your field of work? Everyone is talking about block chains and AI (artificial intelligence), and we are no exception. It is important for the Business Information division to evaluate how data can be networked intelligently to guarantee the greatest possible benefit for the customer. A secure and valid data source is, of course, always the first priority.

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