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Christian Spolders, Senior News Editor at EXPRESS.

Why DuMont? I was won over by the brand and the city, the team and the topics. Contributing to the future of one of the largest German media companies and thinking a lot about our readers is a challenge that inspires me every day.

What are the characteristics of DuMont? The openness of the employees and the ambition to achieve common goals.

What is your job? Finding, implementing and presenting topics, making agreements and analysing data, planning the day-to-day tasks and making plans for the coming months with my colleagues, as well as structuring workflows and endeavouring to ensure that each day is better than the day before.

And the highlights? Seeing plans work – and seeing how they are thrown out of the window if something changes spontaneously, and how we stick together as a team in this case.

What challenges can you see for the future? I am preparing for even more change; even more agile work, even more targeted planning and even greater mental flexibility. My company supports me with competent and experienced contacts as well as colleagues who also want to be involved in these exciting times.

Define digital literacy! Digital literacy can be attained by anyone who is prepared to continually adjust, change their thinking and question things – irrespective of their training and their age. For my job, this means bringing together the different personal experiences with the data for high-reach news services in order to continue learning in a very rapidly evolving industry.

What is new in your field of work? An important element, even if it is not the main innovation, are systems for the customer- and topic-centred creation of content to reach readers on a wide variety of channels. Voice control and news that is tailored to each individual reader are also major developments.

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