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Bea Kim Bollhorn, Product Specialist at Facelift.

Why Facelift? Facelift provides an innovative technology that is always developing in an exciting way. In addition, we have a great team that comprises many different fields and thus enriches our horizons on a professional and private level. I have had a lot of interesting experiences here and am constantly facing new challenges.

What are the characteristics of Facelift? Facelift is not only a good employer that has made a place for itself in a growing market. It also provides opportunities for professional and personal development. In addition, we have a dynamic team of strong personalities, a friendly atmosphere and many staff events.

What is your job? My job is to support the sales process as a product specialist and to provide existing customers with training in how to handle our technology. We look after customers from a great variety of fields and of different sizes and are constantly facing the challenge of identifying new paths and solutions so that all the capabilities of our technology can be used to their full potential.

What challenges can you see for the future? New data protection requirements and developments and the subordination of the openness of social networks are sure to be a challenge for all the market players in our field.

Customer applications are getting increasingly complex, as many of them are looking for individual solutions and therefore, in many areas place requirements on us, for which options and paths first have to be created.

Define digital literacy! As a company with a platform that makes our customers’ work easier in their social media activities, it is, of course, important for us as employees to always be up-to-date in the digital sector. This starts with the operation of social media platforms and culminates in the very important topic of data protection. However, to me, digital literacy also means making the most of today’s possibilities and using them for more efficient workflows. At Facelift, we use a lot of digital tools for our internal communications, but also for travel requests, travel reservations or claims for travel expenses.

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