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DuMont Process

Companies with the best customer experiences will be the leaders of the future.

DuMont Process stands for highest quality and digital change in customer service, quality management and business intelligence. Our main focus lies on individualizing each single customer contact and its handling. In this capacity we provide professional advice, engage with customers via phone, mail and chat or assess existing customer service channels.

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Octoscore digitalises processes of quality.

Quality Assurance is a top priority for DuMont Process, ensuring that all aspects of a customer contact are at a high standard. Together with Octoscore, DuMont Process is developing a software which helps to digitally map every step of a process in one application. Data acquisition, evaluation and analysis are now performed regardless of location and in real time. The software offers various possibilities to evaluate conversations, analyze texts, conduct employee surveys or document training.The calibration option further ensures common quality standards. Octoscore automatically edits all results and makes them available to users via web dashboards. Achieving quality has never been so easy.

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Professional training program

DuMont Process creates communication experts.

In a world full of identical products, dialogue with the customer becomes a unique selling point. Through individual seminars, trainings and workshops, we help build and expand conversational skills, develop teams and implement user-friendly customer experiences. Managerial training develops methodological skills to lead people, make decisions, manage resources, achieve goals and  promote effective people performance management.

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Better Call Service – all you need to know about customer service.

Through "Better Call Service," DuMont Process can now publish its own podcasts about customer service. We invite industry-leading experts to discuss current topics such as digitalization, home office or artificial intelligence. The half-hour professional communication format reveals strategies, tips and tricks on how to improve and optimize customer satisfaction. It also shows how to use them successfully in your own business.

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