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Maike Michel, stellvertretende Leiterin Kreditorenmanagement bei der DuMont Finanz Services.

Why DuMont? I completed my training at one of our holdings (DERTICKETSERVICE.DE GmbH & Co. KG). As a native of Cologne, I was attracted by the idea of gaining accounting knowledge in Cologne’s major media company. My friendly, helpful and open colleagues made joining the company very easy for me.

What are the characteristics of DuMont? Appreciation of one another, combined with an open and honest exchange of ideas. We also enjoy our work, as we laugh together even in stressful times.

What is your job? I take care of incoming invoices, which are automatically recorded and processed in our invoice system. Here, I am the contact point for my colleagues in the company and also for the suppliers and service providers. I carry out payment runs for various DuMont companies and assist with the day-to-day business of creditor management. My tasks also include optimising processes within my department and providing support with the introduction of new software and programs that improve the workflow in our department.

And the highlights? For me, these are the soft, social factors: we accept and tackle every challenge as a team. We all support each other and that keeps me grounded and gives me the necessary motivation for difficult situations.

What challenges can you see for the future? My biggest challenge is currently a project for the group-wide introduction of a digital billing tool for expenses. I also see my personal development and the deepening of my specialist knowledge as another major challenge. It is important to keep our fingers on the pulse and to constantly update our own expertise. I am enjoying learning and am also improving my abilities and extending my skills. My company and my superiors support me in this.

Define digital literacy! I see digital literacy as the key to successful, target-oriented and efficient work. In my field, that means automating as many processes as possible.

What is new in your field of work? It is not really new, but is constantly being updated: digitisation is our constant companion – in everything we do. We also live in a society where service is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we optimise our internal processes across locations in order to guarantee a smooth workflow and to provide the best possible service.

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