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We are reliable and up-to-date.

In our Business Information division, we process data for companies and institutions and provide support in regard of the growing regulatory requirements.

In addition to the public functions of the evidence centre, our brands – Reguvis for specialist media and Validatis for data service  and DTAD AG – are the pillars of this division.

The focus of our services is on being reliable and up-to-date. We use a variety of forms of media and develop intelligent technological solutions. Our teams combine data, know-how and technology and work toegther with our customers to devise state-of-the-art systems to implement regulatory requirements in complex business structures.

Reguvis Fachmedien

What comes to mind when you hear the word “regulatory”? It probably makes you think of complexity and bureaucracy. With our specialist media, we create transparency and guide our customers through the regulatory responsibilities with a focus on practical application and solutions. For example, our specialist media helps German export companies to handle their export trade in compliance according to the law – especially in times of “trade wars” and protectionism. Up-to-date, service-oriented and innovative: In recent years the wide range of specialist media has continuously expanded and been digitalised. Reguvis’ portfolio includes more than 1,000 books, trade journals and information services, more than 50 specialist portals and databases and more than 60 congresses, conferences and specialist seminars for sectors such as foreign trade, contracting, construction and real estate. We see ourselves as a partner for our customers and prepare our well-researched content topically and in cross-media formats in order to align with the constantly changing information requirements.

Validatis Datenservice

Do you know your customers? The increased requirements for the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism presents banks and insurance companies in particular with the challenge of finding out precisely which economic beneficiary is behind their customers. On the basis of an independent, technologically leading database, Validatis provides a 360 degree view of German and European company data and assists the business sector with the implementation of regulations – this particularly applies to the Money Laundering Directive, which focuses on identifying the customer (know your customer).

The range of services extends from the provision of service-oriented data interfaces to integrated register excerpt services as well as workflow and outsourcing solutions for KYC or reporting processes. Validatis’ process and methodological expertise enables our customers to secure the necessary advantage with regards to the digitisation of their business processes.


With DTAD 360 and more than 700,000 pieces of order information each year, DATD provides the leading online platform for order management. As well as researching public tenders, companies and contracting authorities, commercial construction projects and building information, the web-based application also provides a number of valuable functions – whether for market observations, competition analyses or data-supported acquisition forecasts. Individual solutions lead to new orders, increasing sales figures and therefore a better understanding of the market across all industries.

All the benefits and functionalities of DTAD 360 can be discovered in the course of a free trial. The DTAD experts are happy to help if you have questions or require further information.

Bundesanzeiger Verlag

Bundesanzeiger Verlag is the evidence centre for authoritative legal and economic information. The company publishes statutory announcements and laws of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Bundesanzeiger and the Bundesgesetzblatt. It also releases official publications of the European Union and the business register.